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Courses / Basic Life Support

Basic Life Support

Max Persons: 12 Duration: 4 Hours


Every year in England, 30,000 people suffer an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest ("OHCA"), and less than 10% survive (Hawkes et al, 2017). Currently, only between 30 and 40% of those who suffer an OHCA will receive cardiopulomary resuscitation ("CPR") from a bystander, but if more people receive CPR then the rate of survival could be 4× higher! (British Heart Foundation, 2017). This course will give you the skills to successfully resuscitate a person suffering an OHCA, and it will give you the confidence to save a life!


British Heart Foundation. (2017) 'Resuscitation to Recovery: A National Framework to improve care of people with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) in England', London: British Heart Foundation, Available at: https://www.bhf.org.uk/informationsupport/publications/healthcare-and-innovations/national-framework-cardiac-arrest [Accessed: 11th June 2020]. Download PDF

Hawkes, C. et al. (2017) 'Epidemiology and Outcomes From Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrests in England', Resuscitation, 110, pp. 113-140, doi: 10.1016/j.resuscitation.2016.10.030. Download PDF


1 Person 50.00

2 - 5 People 225.00

6 - 12 People 500.00

Learning Objectives

  • To be able to recognise when an individual requires basic life support.
  • To able to administer basic life support.


  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  • Automatic External Defibrillators
  • The Recovery Position
  • Choking
  • Assessing the Patient



Certification & Accreditation

This course is certified & accerdited by the UK Qualifications Network.

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Further Information

Assessment method: Exam

Recommended Progression:
Annual Re-qualification.
Mandatory re-qualification every 3 years.