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Why Create a Bespoke Course?

Bespoke courses can offer you and your staff/students a unique course which applies specifically to your group, whether this is in the workplace or in public.

Bespoke courses offer complete flexibility and a wide array of skills which can be tailored to your needs.

What You Need Before Starting this Course

All you need is to know what skills your staff/students may need in the course of their duties.

What you will get from this course?

Bespoke courses produce an award from us for use in-house in your organisation.


How to Create a Bespoke Course

Click "Create Course" below and select the modules that you would like to provide to your students. Once done you can book the course as normal.

How long does this course last?

The more modules that you choose, the longer your course will last. Each module has a length shown next to it which you'll be able to use to judge the length of your course.
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The following limits apply to this course:

Maximum number of students per course: 10 •


Each module has its own price according to how much content is on it. These prices will be shown next to the modules. Discounts may be offered if a larger number of modules are selected.