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Courses / Safeguarding: Protecting Children and Young People

Safeguarding: Protecting Children and Young People

Max Persons: 10 Duration: 1 Day


In the course of your work you may come across vulnerable children and young people, you may be the only person who sees the warning signs of possible abuse and you could be their only lifeline.

This course will teach you to recognise the signs of abuse, and will teach you how to safeguard those vulnerable people.


1 Person 0.00

2 - 5 People 0.00

6 - 10 People 0.00

Learning Objectives

  • To be able to recognise when a child or young person may require safeguarding.
  • To able to effectively safeguard a child or young person.


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Certification & Accreditation

This course is certified & accerdited by the UK Qualifications Network.

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Further Information

Assessment method: Exam

Recommended Progression:
Annual Re-qualification.
Mandatory re-qualification every 3 years.